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Located at the geographical centre of Europe, our Lithuania based team focuses on providing full package of logistics services and delivering your peace of mind. We focus on a service that is fast and reliable. Since 2003 JML Group has mastered the art of transporting the most complicated freight to the wildest areas around the globe.

Why JML Group?
Logistics experts in sizeable markets
Door-to-door solutions
Modern technologies for stock records
Critical, dangerous freight handling
High value shipments
Time-sensitive delivery
Attractive tax environment
Competitive costs
Facts and dates
Establishment of the company JSC “JML GROUP
Creation of Logistics Department
Open warehouse of “JML GROUP” VA00376 (3000 m2)
Open customs warehouse of JSC “JML GROUP” VA00376 (800 m2) and customs - brokerage department
Opened new weekly lines of combined cargoes
Acquired own vehicles
Presented the 2012 “Gazelė” award as for the rapid growth of the company, flexibility and profitability.
Expansion of warehouse up to over 4500 m2, out of which almost 1900 m2 is expended to customs warehouses.
We are profesionals

And that comes with time, dedication and experiences. It’s been a while since we were tasked to do a job that made us raise eyebrows. Our international network of connections and friendly, dedicated and trustworthy team are our biggest prides, allowing JML Group to deliver your goods at the right time and for the right cost. No stress involved in the process.

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