Road Freight

This expeditious type of freight is distinguished by the service flexibility and a relatively low cost.

Full and partial shipments

Our broad partner network and our experience in the market enables us to provide full and partial shipments from Western Europe to East.

We can transport anything

We deliver oversize cargo and dangerous, even fragile goods. We deliver your peace of mind.

Freight schedule
Imported goods are transported

• 5 times per week from Germany, Poland

• 3 times per week from Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom

•  2 times per week from Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal

•  1 time per week from Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Norway, Turkey, Greece

Exported goods are transported:

• 3 times per week to Belarus

• 3 times per week to Russia

• 2 times per week to Ukraine

• 1 time per week to Kazakhstan

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