Electronic components distribution

We specialize and have experience in a special care of products that are highly fragile or extremely sensitive to movement.

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We are a large distributor of electronic components from almost 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers. If you are in need of any kind of electronic or electrical component don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find the best solution.

In addition we supply
Active components
Passive components
Plugs and connectors
Sources of power supply and voltage converters
Insulation materials
A wide range of electromechanical products
Safe and reliable delivery

One of the most important activities that require special skills of employees are electronic components. They are processed by our specialists with knowledge of product features and enter our warehouse from more than 1,500 suppliers. We make sure they are delivered safely and timely to ensure your peace of mind.

LED solutions

We are a leading provider of energy efficient LED products. Our solutions provide energy savings, timeless design and safety. The extremely long lifetime of LED products will exceedingly reduce your mainte-nance costs.

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